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Promoting Green & Fair Trade Products. Educating about Fair Trade. Helping vulnerable communities in Colombia. We are based in Canada and ship to the United States. We are a social enterprise. Doing business and doing good at the same time.

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What's New: (Updated March 2014)

March 2014:
So many news to share! We have expanded our cafe! 
Read more below:

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Written by Mark Wu - 2012:

Taste of Colombia started not as a quaint, South American style café perched on Bronte pier in west Oakville, but as a dream of it’s founder and head barista, Yury Wu, Colombian native from Medellin, when she created Fair Trade Colombia, it’s parent company. “It came out of a need to get vulnerable communities to export their products out of Colombia,” says Yury. So, in 2008, Yury created her business online (www.fairtradecolombia.com) with the hopes of giving the communities that need help most in Colombia, the means to bring their goods into the Canadian market.

“Taste of Colombia is a place where I can put all my passions together: Colombia, coffee, music, social justice, equality, all things organic and fair trade,” Yury explains.

Yury launched Fair Trade Colombia while working at home as a stay at home mom. Her husband was teaching full time, and she was raising her three children. It wasn’t until 2012 that Taste of Colombia, the ‘public face’ of Fair Trade Colombia, come into being.

Since February 2012, Taste of Colombia has been bringing its Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Organic, Bird Friendly Colombian and other specialty South and Central American coffees to Bronte. From Taste of Colombia’s blog (www.tasteofcolombia.ca): “I live in Bronte and I am thrilled you have opened your Colombian café. I was in Colombia last fall and I loved it!”

Yury wants her patrons to “Smell the coffee, hear the music, see the vibrant colours, see Colombian antiques and art pieces on display, and experience the friendly attitude of the Colombian people.” She says, “The snacks are baked with quinoa, using exotic Colombian fruits like guava, mango and passion fruit. My empanadas are a typical Colombian snack served with aji, a special sauce, and filled with beef and potato, made by Antojitos, the most famous Colombian bakery in Mississauga!”

But more importantly, Yury wants to create a café that can also make a difference.
“Fair Trade means we are guaranteed that the producers we use are paid fairly for their work. We celebrate World Fair Trade Day every year and are currently working with various councilors and other eco friendly groups in the town of Oakville to push the initiative to certify Oakville as a Fair Trade Town.’

Visit Yury and Taste of Colombia at 67 Bronte Rd, Unit #2 in Oakville.

As Yury says, “Come in for a taste…a taste of Colombia!”

Fair Trade Coffee & Gift Shop 

67 Bronte Road, Units#2 and #3 (EL SALON) Oakville, Ontario, L6L 3B7, Canada 
Phone: 289-837-3021

Email us at: info@tasteofcolombia.ca

Mobile: (416) 568-5707
Visit us at http://www.tasteofcolombia.ca

MAP here 

*FREE parking on the Street or behind the unit at all times* If parked behind the unit - you may use back entrance. We are located on Bronte Road south of Lakeshore Road West; the entrance to the parking lot is on Marine Drive. 

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How are you celebrating World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) 2013 this May?

Fair Trade Colombia invites you to celebrate with us WFTD 2013 in our beautiful cafe in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
This is an all day event where we will be distributing free fair trade materials, showing documentaries, talking about fair trade and giving FREE fair trade coffee and tea!
When: Wednesday, May 8 2013
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Taste of Colombia - Fair Trade Coffee & Gift Shop 67 Bronte Road, Unit #2, Oakville, ON L6L 3B7
Cost: FREE!

This is a worldwide celebration to educate consumers and producers around the globe. See more about it on these official websites: 

FAIR TRADE RESOURCE NETWORK: http://www.ftrn.org/





See how we are celebrating WFTD 2013 in Facebook: 

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Links, Information on Fair Trade

As part of our WFTD 2013 (World Fair Trade Day 2013 - Dia Mundial del Comercio Justo 2013) we invite you to watch the following documentaries:


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DO THE MATH - Free Movie Screening at Taste of Colombia on April 21, 2013. If you missed it watch it here:

We hosted a great event about sustainability at our cafe on Monday, May 6, 2013. Read more about it here: